Copyrigth © 2014 Freedom School All rights Reserved BUZZCOM SYSTEMS Map Site Home About Training Adventuer Gallery Microlighters Forum MISASA Microlight & Light Sport Aeroplane Association of South Africa's MISASA Microlighters Forum O.R. Tambo  air traffic control Aero Club SA Weather RAASA Useful Links for Pilots Minimum requirements as per civil aviation regulations part 62 subpart 5 for a weight shift controlled aircraft are: Minimum age of 16 years. Flight medical certificate Minimum 35 hour of flight training comprising of the following: o Minimum 15 hours solo o One dual cross country flight – minimum 90 minutes o One dual cross country flight – into a controlled airport o One solo cross country test flight – minimum 90 minutes Radio telephony theory course and license Theory courses and exams covering: o Principles of flight o Engines and airframes o Meteorology o Civil Aviation regulations o Navigation o Human performance limitations TRAINING INFORMATION FOR WEIGHT  SHIFTCONTROLLED AIRCRAFT (National Pilots License) NPL